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Corporate Training in Asia-Practice makes perfect

We provide L&D solution through training and consulting.
We have different framework developed to uplock the potential of indiviuals and companies
to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, in the global market.

The “Practice Makes Perfect” 100 Practices™ Approach

Our "Practice Makes Perfect" programs uses the fundamental of firm repetition in continuous effort to reinforce the tactics learned to maintain the effectiveness at workplace after training. Our experienced trainers work closely with each participants by encouraging awareness and behavioural changes and supporting their growth.

In order to help companies to maintain their competitive edge in this rapid changing and unpredictable business trend, our sales consultants work closely with our clients, discussing the gaps and challenges, in designing and proposing the best possible Human Resource Development for them.

The “Practice Makes Perfect” 100 Practices™ Approach

List of Programs

Characteristics of training that impacts the organization

  • 研修全体が体系化されており、個々の研修の位置づけが明確である
  • 階層やポジションの期待役割と密接に結びついている
  • 組織戦略、ヴィジョンと連動させ、継続的に取り組んでいる

Benefits of creating a training system

Benefit 1: Increase productivity

By clarifying and aligning the expected roles, it will increase productivity and future development.

Benefit 2: Through motivation, it will drive down turnover rate

The effective way of lowering turnover rate is through coaching and motivation

Benefit 3: Sustainable Human Resources Development

Human resources training should be structured and systematic. We create a sustainable structure to train the next generation managers and leaders.

Consulting Service

Alue Singapore, local subsidiary reporting to Japan Head Office, support the sustainable growth of companies through both human resources and organization development. We hold interviews in Japan and on site, implement local surveys and grasp the local current situation. We will plan measures, and propose an optimal solution to resolve training issues in Asian regions and implement global strategy.

Process of develping to implementation.

We support every stage of the training, from clarifying of personnel needs for each management level, constructing of the training system, developing the training program, dispatching trainers / train-thetrainer, and implementing of training, to post training service.


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