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2/17 Q & A about Instruction design and double loop learning



Without doubt, all large industries have globalized and companies operating in global markets face intensifying competition in every aspect of their business. Acquiring and effectively managing human resources has become the key success factor for maintaining global leadership and companies must learn how to prepare this most precious resource to handle the complex nature of working in a multicultural environment. There is also a growing consensus that a company’s success will be determined by the success of its Multicultural Teams The latest research suggests that the potential of multicultural teams is derived from increased diversity which can unleash creativity and decreases ‘Groupthink’.
This online seminar has selected some of the most relevant new and old concepts from leading journals and authors to be discussed in an interactive panel discussions format.
You are invited to join our question and answer session which will be led by Professor Paul Consalvi who will introduce some of the latest perspectives on how to increase team efficiency in a multicultural environment using leading techniques from the training and development fields.



1, Introduction about Double loop learning(ダブルループ学習理論に関して紹介)
2, Q&A style panel discussion (パネルディスカッション)
Topics will cover:
“Double Loop Learning”: Team Building and Improving multi-cultural meetings: Tools not Rules(チーム力を高めるより効果的なワークショップに関して)
How to design better workshops using coaching style and learner accountability methods. (受講生を巻込む為のコーチング法、ワークショップのデザインの仕方とは)
3, Q&A and reflection (質疑応答)
・Question from audience
・Workshop introduction

※What is double-loop learning (Chris Argyris) Double-loop learning entails the modification of goals or decision-making rules in the light of experience. The first loop uses the goals or decision-making rules, the second loop enables their modification, hence “double-loop”. Double-loop learning recognises that the way a problem is defined and solved can be a source of the problem.

※ダブルループ学習は、組織行動論の権威 クリス・アジ―リスハーバード大学教授が、唱えた学習プロセスとされ、組織な変化への恐れや抵抗を取り除き、メンタルモデルを変更するのに有効な学習モデル

● Better ROI for training budget(育成予算でより効率的なROIを達成されたい方)
● To learn latest technique for designing workshop /skill development(最新のスキル開発/ワークショップデザインについて学びたい方)
● Cross cultural communication(異文化コミュニケーションに関して悩んでいる方)
● Rethinking how to do corporate training(業研修のやり方に考えて新しい考え方が無いか検討されている方)

  • 日時

    2021年02月17日(水) 11:00~12:00(日本時間 GMT+9)

  • 対象

    Global HR, L&D(learning and development) , HR training and development, overseas HR

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  • 講師

    Paul Consalvi

    After a long career in multinational contracts and negotiations in the oil industry and banking as well as starting and consulting on a number of start-up internet ventures, Paul is now a Project Professor-Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at The University of Tokyo. Paul designs, develops and delivers skill based courses and workshops for Masters students, Doctoral candidates and Researchers that incorporate elements from: Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Communications, Project Management and Socio-Scientific Presentation.

  • ファシリテーター

    Yasuyuki Yukawa

    Product Planning Dept. Group manager Alue Co.,Ltd

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    配信形式:Webセミナー(Zoom Webinar)

    申込期限: 2月16日(火) 0:00まで(GMT+9)