Job Roles

Alue Co., Ltd has the mission statement, "We strongly believe in all of your possibilities, and willing to support clients to develop clients future career.", with the disire that we be able to support clients to develop clients future career.

Our ideal relationship between you and us is that we can seek the same gole that we believe in all the possibility of our clients.

Through this work with us, we expect you to actively get your opportunity. We are looking for those who sympathize with our expectation and thoughts.

What is Alue instructor?

Since 2003, Alue has offered services to over 500 major Japanese companies and more than 50,000 businesspeople.

Alue provides a wide range of solutions related to HR development, organizational HR development, and corporate training.

In order to thoroughly handle the concerns of trainees and companies, our services are available to all employees, from new employees to mid-level, managers, and executives.

Examples of tranining themes

Our Expectations For This Position

We are seeking applicants with the following abilities

  • Can not only keep up with the trainees, but also guide them if needed
  • Can empathize with the trainee and advise them from your own experiences with success and failure
  • Can sympathize with our mission
  • Can guide trainees with a warm heart, passion, and vigor
  • Can handle a wide range of training topics
  • Can help trainees understand with real-life examples
  • Can handle various types of training depending on the needs of each client