Job Requirements

Job Detailss
Training Instructor
This position may include the following duties
  • Meeting a client before training
  • Documenting your thoughts and opinions after a training session
Application Qualifications
  • Experience in a business enterprise
  • Able to train employees at new entry, mid-level, management, and executive positions
  • Able to give lectures in Japanese
  • Able to give lectures with our curriculum

    *You may use your own curriculum in addition to ours

  • Japanese proficiency regarding training programs
  • Conversational Japanese level
  • Able to give lectures in English
【Disired Skills】
Applicants who have
  • Worked in a major company with 500+ employees
  • Some managerial experienc
  • Experience working in Asian countries, or some experience working in Asian branches
  • Experience living or working abroad
  • Able to give lectures in Japanese
  • Able to give lectures in languages other than Japanese and English
  • Some experience with training and curriculum development
  • Qualifications like MBTI and coaching abilities
*All fields welcome
Contract Details
Work varies per assignment
Work Locations
Mainly in Kanto, Tokai(Nagoya), and Kansai(Osaka)

*If the client is located in a different area, you will have to travel there on a business trip.

Varies by background. This will be discussed during the interview session.
How to apply
Please apply for this position through the online form on our website below.

Basic Rules

We have strict rules regarding dress code, manners, and work ethic before, during, and after training. Once a contract with a partner is settled, we require you to closely follow our rules.

Unstable Candidate

Those who
  • Use only your own curriculums
  • Have facial hair
  • Have dyed hair (for male instructors)