New Employee Program

Bring beginners up to speed quickly with "Basics of Being a Professional" and "Workplace Development"

New Employee Program

Goals : Basics of Being a Professional
  • Changing Gears : From Student to Professional
  • Learning Proper Habits: PDCA, Ho-Ren-So, Business Manners
  • Learning Your Company, Products, and Services Inside and Out
Goals : Work Adjustment
  • Understanding Expectations
  • Reflecting On Their Work and Establishing Future Challenges
  • Controlling Their Motivation
Goals : Gaining Independence
  • Fully Understanding Basic Operations
  • Becoming Self-Motivated and Showing Their Worth
  • Getting Everyone Involved
  • Reconciling and Negotiating With Other Departments
  • Instructing Junior Employees

*We offer customized programs (design and development) to suit your company’s needs

Program Lineup

Alue Co., Ltd. Marketing department
2F, Hulic Kudan Building, 1-13-5, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073


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