Overseas Training

“Practice Makes Perfect”
Gain a new global outlook and broaden your horizons through overseas training.


As developing Asian countries continue their rapid growth, they are gaining attention both as partners for potential business expansion and as competition for Japanese companies. For Japan to continue with its future global strategies, we must train global businesspeople who can deliver results in a globally diverse environment.

By training overseas in fast-developing Asian nations, participants can have experiences they would never find in Japan, living in cross-cultural environments and seeing global business firsthand. This develops leadership, global outlook and assets modern Japanese employees often lack. They will also sharpen their communication skills, a growing necessity as international business partners and competitors continue to increase.

Whether its new employees, future leaders, or even pre-assignment training, we will design a program that suits your company’s needs. We will help you choose a country for assignment, arrange company visits, and prepare training content.

We will help your employees gain a global sense that can only be acquired through personal experience in the field, giving them a winning edge in their future global business endeavors.

Program Lineup

Main Countries

China / India / Singapore / Indonesia / Philippines / Malaysia / Thailand / Myanmar / etc.

*We can make specific arrangements upon your request.

“Practice Makes Perfect”

  • Gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and diversity, and develop a global sense and perspective through overseas training.
  • Experience real global business through visits to overseas companies.
  • Learn crisis awareness through interactions with the next generation of businesspeople and students.

Connections to local companies and top universities

  • We’ll use local networks to arrange visits to various companies in all manner of industries.
  • Attend lectures at top universities in the area from talented instructors well-versed in local businesses.

An independent program that combines the strengths of Japan and local subsidiaries

  • Our specially developed employee development programs help support 50,000 people a year.
  • Content development corresponding to the challenges of globalization facing Japanese.
  • Our program reflects the latest local business trends, making use of the strengths of local subsidiaries to keep up with the latest news.

One-stop service from departure to return

  • First-class travel agent registered with the Japan Tourism Agency, in compliance with the Tourism Authority.
  • We will handle all dispatch procedures on behalf of your busy staff, from travel arrangements to follow-up upon their return.
  • With our global network, we can implement extensive learning and lifestyle support to maximize training results.

※Registered Travel Agency No.1930 approved by the Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency.Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents(JATA)

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