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In general, visitors are free to link to this website, regardless of whether this is for commercial or non-commercial reasons, and do not need to contact Alue in advance. However, please refrain from establishing any links that either fall under any of the following categories or which may potentially do so.

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  • Links which result in ambiguity as to whether the information is from this website or not, such as framed links or image links (please establish links in a manner whereby the entire browser screen changes to this website, or which display this website by opening up a separate screen)
  • Links that give the mistaken impression that they were in some way offered by Alue or have a cooperative relationship with it, or that engender the mistaken impression that Alue acknowledges or supports the linked website

There may be instances where Alue asks that the manner in which a link has been established be changed or that a link be deleted, even in cases that do not fall under any of the aforementioned categories。 Furthermore, please note in advance that there may be cases in which this website’s URLs may be changed or deleted without advance notice.

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