Corporate Philosophy

This page introduces our Mission Vision Value.

Mission Vision Value

Mission Vision Value


We open up all the possibilities for people for the sake of a world abounds with dreams.- all the possibilities -

A world abounding with dreams refers to a world that is overflowing with aspirations in which dreams foster people and people foster dreams the other way round. In order to achieve such a world, we believe in all the possibilities for everyone, with our desire to play a role that enables people with opening up their possibilities.


To become the No.1 human resource development company in Asia; a global company that continuously grows by producing new business and developing its people constantly.

To achieve our mission, we have developed our vision as our right course of action from 2010 to 2030.
Our vision is to become the No.1 company in Asia when it comes to human resource development. When this vision is achieved, we also want our company to grow continuously by its business beneficial to customers. Our company should be built upon the driving resolve of our team to create value.

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