This page introduces our history.

2003 October Founded Edu-Factory Co., Ltd. (current Alue Co.,Ltd.)
November Released “Logical Thinking 100 Practices” and business games Started holding seminars for individuals
December Opened the head office in Yushima, Tokyo
2004 February Started offering e-learning courses, “e100 Practices”
April Started offering on-site corporate training programs Opened a sale office in Ginza, Tokyo
June Authorized as a training provider for the Youth Employability Support Program by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Walfare
  • Trademark registered for 100 Practices (No. 4793750)
  • Started consulting services for new graduates recruitment
2005 January Initiated “Shukatsu no Tomo” (Job Search Buddy) a social network that assists students in searching of jobs
March Relocated headquarters from Yushima and Ginza to Shimbashi, Tokyo
2006 April
  • Changed company name to Alue Co., Ltd.
  • Hired FY2006 New Graduates
September Relocated headquarters from Shimbashi to Shibuya, Tokyo
2007 April Hired FY2007 New Graduates
2008 March Received issuance of privacy mark by JIPDEC.
Authorized on: March 3, 2008
Authorization number: 10861604 (01)
April Hired FY2008 New Graduates
2009 April Hired FY2009 New Graduates
November Relocated headquarters from Shibuya to Ichigaya, Tokyo
2010 April Hired FY2010 New Graduates
Trademark registered for DNA Work (No. 5313876)
July Established the West Japan branch office in Umeda, Osaka
Established a local subsidiary in Shanghai, China
August Formed a partnership with Gallup Inc. in the United States
Initiated employee engagement services
October Formed a partnership with Softbridge Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.
Initiated oversea dispatch-style training programs in China and India
2011 April Hired FY2011 New Graduates
October Established a local subsidiary in Singapore
November Established a local subsidiary in India
Held the 1st Asia Future Leaders Summit in Singapore
December Established a local subsidiary in Indonesia
2012 February Relocated headquarters from Ichigaya to Marunouchi, Tokyo
Initiated oversea dispatch-style training open seminar
April Hired FY2012 New Graduates
September Established a local subsidiary in Philippines
2013 February Initiated ALUE Global Language Online 「ALUGO」
2014 January Established the Nagoya branch office in Nagoya, Aichi
2014 February Initiated oversea dispatch-style language training programs in Philippines

Alue Co., Ltd. Marketing department
2F, Hulic Kudan Building, 1-13-5, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073

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