The Alue Brand

This page will introduce you to information on the Alue brand.

The Meaning of “Alue”

Our company’s name “Alue” is a term that was coined from the phrase “all the possibilities” (arayuru kanosei in Japanese). It is our desire to open up all the possibilities for you. This is the concept that runs throughout our brand.

Brand Logo


We express a flexible approach to everything through the combination of curved and straight lines in our logo.

Brand Colors

The Alue red expresses a sense of continued trust in the possibilities.


There are four important keywors to outline our brand’s image.

  • Comprehensible
    Alue does not convey difficult concepts as they are, but places emphasis on making them comprehensible so as to provide as many people as possible with inspiration and means.
  • Fun
    In order to elicit the autonomy of each person to the greatest extent possible, Alue emphasizes providing a sense of fun in everything we do.
  • Challenge
    Alue values a mentality of seeking out possibilities and taking up challenges without giving up, no matter how difficult the circumstances are.
  • Continuance
    To continue being the best, Alue must never break its stride. So in order to constantly stay on top we place great stock in the importance of continuity.

Alue Co., Ltd. Marketing department
2F, Hulic Kudan Building, 1-13-5, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073

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