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A message from President Bunshiro Ochiai.

Alue Co., Ltd President

Bunshiro Ochiai

A message from President.

Japan currently stands at a critical crossroads between continuous future growth and decline within the context of an economic transition from a rapid growth of its boom times to a lower growth after 1990s and of the falling birthrate and the aging population after 2000s. I believe, at this critical point, the key for continuous growth is “the people,” who have served as the driving force behind Japan’s past growth.

Improving the productivity of each employee is a pressing challenge for Japan where the population is shrinking. Developing its employees and bringing out the best in them is not only an essential requirement for a company’s growth, but it is, perhaps, the company’s social responsibility.

Compared with Korean and Taiwanese companies which successfully run businesses all over the world, Japanese companies are less competitive than these global companies in the market of emerging countries. Now is the time to engage in human resource development, and empower employees with global business skills.

Alue Co., Ltd. has the driving desire to become the No.1 human resource development company in Asia by 2030. We are set on establishing subsidiaries and expanding our businesses in more countries in Asia. We are always taking challenges to become the best partner in the human resource development area for our customers.

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