Handling of Anti-Social Forces

Handling of Anti-Social Forces

The Company and the user (including but not limited to users of our Company’s website, users of our Company’s services and others who contact our Company) each represent to the other that it does not fall under any of the following items and represent and affirm that it shall not constitute an anti-social force anytime hereafter.

  • (1) Neither the party itself nor its officers, high ranking employees or advisors and agents, etc. equivalent thereto or shareholders, etc. having substantial influence over its business (hereinafter “Affiliated Parties’) are an organized crime group, organized crime group member (including a former organized crime group member for whom less than 5 years have elapsed since having been a member), an enterprise, organization or party affiliated to an organized crime group, a corporate extortionist, an organization advocating social or political movements, a crime group specialized in intellectual crimes or any other anti-social force (hereinafter “Anti-Social Forces”).
  • (2) Neither the party itself nor its Affiliated Parties are involved in any transactions with Anti-Social Forces or have any other associations therewith.
  • (3) Neither the party itself nor its Affiliated Parties cooperates with or is involved in providing funds, etc. to Anti-Social Forces or offering other benefits thereto or otherwise in the maintenance and operation thereof.
  • (4) Neither the party itself or via a third party is involved in committing any acts of violence or fraud or using threatening language against the other party or the other party’s officers and employees, shareholders, parent company, subsidiary companies, customers or business partners or involved in obstructing the business of the other party.
  • (5) Neither the party’s subcontractors, those assisting in the performance of the party’s business nor any other parties to agreements executed by the party related to the agreement between Party A and Party B or their Affiliated Parties are an Anti-Social Force.

  • 2. If either our Company or the user is suspected of violating the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the suspecting party is entitled to request an investigation into the other party and if it is determined that said party has violated said provisions, the violating party shall cease all transactions and involvement with Anti-Social Forces and take any other necessary measures.
  • 3. If either party receives the request under the preceding paragraph, it shall promptly comply therewith by providing the requesting party with the appropriate materials and taking the requested measures, etc.
  • 4. If either our Company or the user violates the provisions of Paragraph 1 or fails to comply with the request under Paragraph 2 without justifiable grounds therefor, the violated party may, upon providing written notice, immediately cause the violating party to forfeit its benefit of time, stop the performance of its obligations or cancel or terminate all or part the agreement, etc. without being required to provide any peremptory notice thereof and is also entitled to claim for compensation for any damages incurred thereby as a result thereof.
  • 5. The violated party shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the other party as a result of the violated party having made the request under Paragraph 2 or canceling the agreement, etc. under the preceding paragraph.