Employee Training

“Practice Makes Perfect”, 100 Practices™ Approach to gain practical business skill

We create custom training programs from the ground up, focusing on each company’s challenges and strategies. Through reiteration, our "Practice Makes Perfect" 100 Practices™ Approach makes sure the training content is firmly established in the workplace, even post-training. Teachers rich in experience encourage behavioral changes and awareness in each employee, supporting growth.

In order to help companies survive in the rapidly changing and unpredictable world of business competition, our full-time consultants clarify our clients’ troubles. They then design and propose the best possible human resources training plan.

The “Practice Makes Perfect” 100 Practices™ Approach

Choose a Theme/Target

Bring new hires and young workers up to speed quickly: “Basics of Being a Professional” and “Workplace Development”
Transform the thoughts and actions of core mid-level employees
Maximize the results of the organization
Management Reinforcement/Management Training

Program Lineup

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