Global Human Resource Development

Become a fierce contender in the global market
“Practice Makes Perfect”- fostering a new global sense

Right now, international business is shifting from advanced Western countries to developing Asian countries. In order for Japan to regain competitiveness and continue to grow, the globalization of organizations and individuals is a challenge that must be faced.

The world is focusing on Asia’s developing nations as their businesses continue to grow. We craft global personnel training systems, from the globalization of domestic employees to the development of our future leaders. We offer a wide variety of solutions and strategies to establish global personnel training, both within Japan and overseas.

Alue’s Global Personnel Development Steps

Select Theme/Target

Goals : Create a global business mindset
  • Gain the will to take the first step towards global business
  • Learn the basics of cross-cultural communication
  • Gain the ability to communicate in practical business English
Goals : Become a strong force in the global business field
  • Gain the ability to offer guidance to foreign employees
  • Can demonstrate problem-solving skills overseas
  • Be able to negotiate successfully with international companies and business people
Goals : Create a successful global business
  • Gain the ability to establish new businesses overseas
  • Can demonstrate leadership that crosses national borders
  • Gain the ability to manage overseas branches

Program Lineup

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